Broker. Developer. Designer.


Sheet/rock was founded by Marcus McInerney.  Marcus grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles where he boasted an extensive collection of HyperColor T-shirts and spent most of his days memorizing lines from "Menace 2 Society."

His father, along with having a sweet mullet, was involved in real estate throughout his upbringing. This resulted in Marcus, at an early age, being exposed to quick renovations and sales throughout Southern California. It also set the stage for the life that Marcus created for himself after mastering keg stands and the art of sleeping in at the University of California in Santa Barbara. 

While he went on to have a successful career in advertising and production directly after college, he still kept a hand in fixing and selling residential properties in the then-burgeouning Eastside of Los Angeles, mostly in Silver Lake. After his eighteenth conference call about children's diapers, Marcus realized that advertising might no longer be his cup of tea. 

So, in short order, he acquired his RE license and moved full time into the world of investment real estate, as it seemed to be an ideal fit for his unique set of skills; among other things, Marcus has always been good at breaking stuff, and sometimes putting it back together. With an innate knowledge of the Eastside real estate market (and an unrelenting desire to match clients with their ideal space), Marcus has successfully helped many clients find lucrative investment opportunities in the hottest markets in Los Angeles.

He has continued to find this balance while employing the kind of inspired design aesthetic that high-end buyers are looking for. As an Echo Park resident for over a decade, Marcus specializes in coveted NELA neighborhoods such as Echo Park, Silver Lake, and Highland Park. He hopes to not only grow these communities, but also convince the world that the Eastside is more than a place to drink Pabst and have a beard. 

Won't you join him on this noble journey?